HardBall Summary

Vivian’s a pretty mild-mannered person.
Even with a busload of hyperactive fourth graders going to a baseball signing, she’s patient and kind.
Even when she meets Dash Wallace…major league legend and star of her hottest daydreams…she keeps her cool. 
Kind of. 
It was fine.
Then his glove is missing and he accuses one of those fourth graders of being a thief.
You do not come after one of Vivian’s kids. She will defend them to the death..
Dash suddenly finds himself with an apology on his lips and an unexplainable attraction to a woman who’s just not his type.
But he keeps his cool.
Kind of. 
It’s fine until the regular season, when he’s going to travel with the team.
He has rituals. Processes. Routines. 
You could even call them superstitions.
They involve having a woman in every city he plays, and Vivian’s going to have to be fine with that, or he’s going to be just fine leaving her.
Kind of.
Not fine.
Vivian lays down the law, and Dash has to choose between her and winning.

Book Reviews


Quite raunchy3 star

If u like s and m and lots of graphic detail this is the book for you. Good story of a star who falls in love with a nobody. Good character development.35


SLOW3 star

Gawd! I almost didn’t finish, but forced my way through. After page 200 it was kind of like GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! Good storyline, 2 main characters weren’t incredibly likable (IMO) but I have read worse. Would not recommend.35


Hardball3 star

Yes it needs editing but I was smiling through the story anyway. I could relate to Vivian. The topic of ADD was handled really well. The end was satisfying.35


Couldn’t stop!5 star

Great story! I couldn’t put it down. Loved the characters.55


Zero sentence structure2 star

The grammar and sentence structure were awful. Very hard to read.25

Army Spouse

Great story5 star

I love CD Reiss, and I have read her later books. This book about a ball player is different from what I’m used to. I actually enjoyed this story. 💗 These two have their own lives, and fate intervenes. I love the fact Vivian respects herself and doesn’t give into the temptation of his whim. As they navigate through their desires and dating, is Vivian enough for Dash? Dash has his own routine and own issues to communicate. I truly respect the way CD writes about Dash and who he is. There are real people out there who navigate through life while dealing with their own challenges.55

Tex jj

Bdsm1 star

Made it to 38% and had to bail15


Hard to Follow3 star

The author has a different style of writing that I’m not used to and it was hard for me to follow.35


HardBall5 star

Great read55


Another winner!4 star

I love a good sports romance and CD Reiss did not disappoint with this sexy story. This standalone was very different than previous books that I had read by CD Reiss, but still had the heat that I have come to expect. Dash is a dirty-talking, fun loving and mysterious baseball player who meets Vivian, just a normal school librarian. I loved the character of Vivian, she is so easy to relate to. This story brings all the feels while still bringing lots of sexy times!45

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