Her One Night Fiancé

Her One Night Fiancé Summary

The sexy stranger on the train seriously saved me from an epically hellish night
The last thing store assistant Nina Breslin wants is to face an army of her cheating exe’s friends, while workaholic billionaire Eduardo Ruiz really doesn’t want to face the onslaught of his interfering family who’ve flown in for the night—with prospective ‘perfect partner’ in tow.
What better than to team up and take the heat off each other?
Only during their one-night fake fiancé deal, the heat between them burns hotter than Venus!
What happens when they wake up and Nina is still wearing Eduardo’s ring? And when it’s not just bodies but hearts that have become entwined?
Featuring nerdy Shakespeare quotes, an outrageously oversized diamond, hidden heartbreak and hot, hot nights…
Her One Night Fiancé is a delicious treat sure to satisfy lovers of sassy, sexy contemporary romance.

Book Reviews


Sweet romance.5 star

Easy and quick romantic read for a lazy afternoon. Eduardo was the perfect guy to be the “one that got away”, but he didn’t. Love a happy ending!55


4 stars4 star

I really enjoyed this. The author treats her characters with a lot of tenderness.45


Beautiful5 star

This was a beautiful short story about loss and pain. When Nina and Eduardo find each other, love takes over. What started as fun ends in live and a new adventure.55

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