I Close My Eyes

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The last thing The Duke of Greystone wants is a wife, until The Lady Jane Blackmore seeks out his quiet corner of Earl Braxton's ballroom. But there she stands, attempting to shut out the rest of the world by simply closing her eyes, but the duke understands better than most that life is never that simple.

The last thing Jane wants is a husband, until she opens her eyes to find the scarred and much too handsome stranger secluded in her chosen quiet corner. Why can't the obstinate man understand she just needs a brief moment of solitude before returning to face her tormentors? But no matter how many times she tells him to go away, he remains. So is it her fault that her father misunderstands the young duke's intentions?

Whilst marriage isn't on Phillip—as she learns the duke is called—or Jane's mind, when society's trials and tribulations come, they soon become each other's touchstone, and by it discover that joy is tantalisingly within their grasp, although others seem intent on thwarting their every wish.

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Clean romancer

Close my eyes5 star

This s a wonderful story. So much love and kindness without being sappy. Made me so happy that the characters were so good & happy. A rare gem for me.55

Bev teacher

I Close My Eyes5 star

A very touching story.55


So sweet and charming.5 star

Such a sweet ending.55

Sophia cortez

Short but sweet4 star

A cute story with a cute ending45


I just loved the ending!5 star

So well written! I was sad when I reached the end. But I was touched by the beautiful closure.well worth reading and re-reading.55


I close my eyes5 star

Love this book you have to read. 😍55


World’s greatest book Istg5 star

I struggle to find books that I like, and when I saw the 1st one in the free section (to help get you into a series) I chose AND LOVE it! ❤️❤️❤️55

Marina Ariadne

So much sadness in a romance2 star

The end, however, was quite sweet. It appears that the author is American, and knows little of the period. Using two names so much alike—and one, Wellington, being too much active in the period to be a random Viscount—is not nice to the reader. There were some usage errors not caught, one oddly-formatted paragraph, several word anachronisms, and the lack of understanding about the highly formal tea designation not yet present. Afternoon tea rituals at a set time was still a few decades off. High tea is what working folk had at evening dinnertime—still is. It’s clear the author can tell a story: perhaps the English Regency haut ton is not her best milieu.25


Very Good!!5 star

I really enjoyed this book.55

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