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A one-click, wow he’s hot, blind-date romance and big secret love story with the hottest quarterback in the NFL.

From bestselling author Lisa Lang Blakeney comes a new contemporary football romance between a scorching hot pro quarterback and the woman who hasn’t got the faintest clue who he is.

A disgruntled pro quarterback with something to prove.
A broken-hearted pediatrician who’s lost her way.
An unlikely romance that blossoms out of a chance meeting, a blind date, and one big fat secret.

Jett and Adrienne are the world’s least likely couple to succeed.
She’s just suffered through the most heartbreaking night of her life.
He’s still reeling from the most humiliating game of his.
Their attraction for each other is palpable, yet they have absolutely nothing in common. 
Neither of them have the time or space in their hearts for love, but when fate continues to push these two together, will they both take the hint and surrender to a future together or does the secret that lies between them threaten their happily ever after before it even starts.

The Nighthawk Series:

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Good read5 star

Great book55


This was fine3 star

I downloaded this book because I like the central character from the sample and I’m a huge Packers fan But it missed the mark it was fine for what it was. The writing was just enough off that when I looked at the other books she’s written there not worth the $5 -6 dollars especially for the number of pages.35


Amazing5 star

This book was really good and slightly poorly written. There were a few writing mistakes but otherwise…it was great.55


KaCee5 star

OMG! Fantabulous read! Family dynamics, romance, crazy fun sex, strong characters, and humor-the laugh out loud kind! A wonderful wonderful book!55

Army Spouse

Another Hit❤️5 star

I love this story! I like their beginnings (backstories) and how they evolved. Lots of chemistry between these two🔥 These 2 are perfect for each other. Also, I really love this football series❤️ a must read!55

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