Just a Touch

Just a Touch Summary

I won't let her go this time.

She was my first love.
Everyone told me it would never work between us. We came from two different worlds. But I didn’t listen.
I was young and stupid and madly in love with a girl I thought loved me back. I was wrong.

Ten years have past since she left.
I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her again… until today when she arrived at my family’s luxury hotel dripping wet from head-to-toe and in desperate need of a room.

Unfortunately, we’re booked solid.
But she can stay in my room.

First, I want to know why.
Why she left. Why she never came back.
Why she says she doesn’t want me when her body language screams otherwise.

Just a touch. That’s all it took for me to fall for her before. Now is no different.
Now I want more. I’ve always wanted more.
And I won’t stop until she’s mine again.

Just a Touch is scorching hot, hilarious, and guaranteed to tug your heart strings!

Book Reviews


Unrealistic, Immature Premise1 star

No one I know as a teenager or adult is not going to confront their partner if they believe that they have cheated on them. You can’t get into this story with that knowledge. So it’s a waste of time. Also, please always remember promiscuous men are not attractive and never a prize!15


Surprising4 star

Completely enjoyed this book. Short and sweet and some very, fan myself, moments.45


Not my genre2 star

Very graphic, gratuitous sex scenes that are extended repeats keep the storyline from developing. The female is so self centered and immature that the story falters many times. So many wonderful opportunities are missed by the author!25

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