Just South of Paradise

Just South of Paradise Summary

Georgia had the perfect life—until her husband of nearly forty years leaves her for their inn’s much younger housekeeper.
Starting over at fifty-eight is a terrifying prospect. But a mysterious new guest may make the heartbreak easier.

And her children are going through troubles of their own.

Georgia’s younger daughter, Tasha, left Willow Beach to make it in Hollywood. But a manipulative boyfriend is making her risk her career and face the wrath of her A-list diva boss.

Tasha’s sister, Melanie, is trying to pick up the pieces of her broken heart after a difficult break-up. Just when she seems to be turning a corner, the man who left her comes back and begs for a second chance.

Golden child Drew has made mistake after mistake. Can helping his mother renovate the Inn be the project he needs to put his life back together?

Running the Willow Beach Inn, helping her grown children navigate the choppy waters of life, and rediscovering her own passions is no easy feat. Is there hope for Georgia to find happiness in the wake of heartbreak?

Taste the salt on the air and feel the warm love of the Baldwin family in Book One of the Willow Beach Inn series from heartwarming women’s fiction author Grace Palmer.

Book Reviews


Just South of Paradise5 star

The characters were genuine. The story line moved along well. I really liked how each character had their own chapter to tell their story.55

cold read

Romantic5 star

Fun to read and has a happy ending!55

youg at heart

Just south of paradise3 star

It had a good story to it. A little slow pace. But kept me interested.35


Just South of Paradise3 star

Enjoyed the characters but didn’t go into enough detail. They all recovered from their bad matches in record time. Amazing how they all found the loves of their lives in record time. Thanks g35

Loved the book!!

Just South1 star

Couldn’t even get thru a few pages... luck it was free and going to delete this book, very disappointed,15

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