One Last Chance

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When Charlotte answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride, the last thing she expects is that the man who placed it is Logan, her former fiancé who had jilted her long ago. He's come to New Orleans on behalf of the men of Last Chance, a booming town in the Washington Territory, but he doesn't intend to leave without the woman he's never been able to forget.

Charlotte decides to board the ship headed for Last Chance, determined to make a new life for herself, far away from the war-ravaged South, but she has no intention of falling for Logan once again. Can Logan change her mind during the long voyage north, or will she marry someone else once they arrive?

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One Last Chance4 star

Story was set up really well. You root for Logan and Charlotte through the whole story. The book also introduces you to other characters that you want to know more about. The author packs a lot into such a short book. It impressed me.45

Old guy in Fla

One Last Chance by Diana Bold5 star

What a beautiful romantic & heartbreaking story of the women in New Orleans left behind, alone & penniless by thousands of their men during (as well as after) the Civil War‼️. One day an advertisement in the newspaper announced an opportunity to travel free by ship to Last Chance, Washington Territory, to become brides of 22 hardworking men who needed wives! When Charlotte is interviewed she is shocked to find her former fiancée, who left her 1 week before their wedding without saying goodbye‼️. He came back to try to find her, apologize & hoped to finally marry her, but Charlotte is still angry & hurt after 8 years! As she & her friend board the ship & meet their roommates for the long journey, Logan Donley hopes to continue his pursuit of her & change her mind! Will he be successful? Will it be a wonderful journey or one filled with strife? Read this building story of second chances as the brides wonder who their new husbands will be❣️. Know you’ll agree with my 5-star rating‼️👏. Enjoy❣️👍. Carol R. Florida USA55


One Last Chance4 star

Cute story!! But took Charlotte long enough to realize that she was always in love all along!! It’s a wonder that she got the guy in the end! (He was persistent!)45


Short and sweet5 star

I liked this book and purchased the second.55

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