Real Maid 1

Real Maid 1 Summary

Twenty-five year-old Yuichi Sato lives the life of a plain-old businessman.That would all change with the discovery of a peculiar ad online...“Treat with care and it cares for you back?”“You’ll swear it’s the real thing?”“No way this is real. You gotta be kidding me…”Skeptical yet tempted, Yuichi clicks on the order button for a “Real Maid” free trial kit.Week by week, new parts of the kit are sent to Yuichi’s place, beginning with the hands and feet, then the torso, then finally the maid parts.As Yuichi puts them all together, he is astonished to find a “real” maid walking and talking before his very eyes.All was good until that one fateful day…

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#Drowning in books

Huge cliffhanger!5 star

I’m getting more right now this book is super good and freee! Get it now you’ll love it 😍55


Felt the rush5 star

Letting you see what things could be like if it really was real😊55


Starts out “can’t put down”5 star

Series starts out leaving me wanting more!! I just HAD to read the next one! But around issue 5 when they introduced Ruri, ....... well, hoping 7 is better.55


Can’t express enough how much I hate this book.1 star

I hate this book I don’t know how it got in my iPad. It won’t go away! Ive tried. It keeps telling me to review it. So here it is, I HATE THIS DERN BOOK! Bet your glad I reviewed this stupid trash huh. I am sorry to the author of this thing. I am sure someone likes it.15


Amazing5 star

I love it i got whole series55


remove please1 star

please reamove cancel my purchased list15


Please remove1 star

Accidentally downloaded please remove from my purchased list.15


Awesome StoryLine5 star

love it . Great series55


I really like it5 star

It's really good I no it's short but I couldn't stop reading55


Qwerty Omgs!5 star

Omg dis was amazing!55

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