Real Maid 2

Real Maid 2 Summary

Three years passed since Yuichi and the “Maidroid” known as Miyu began their peculiar but joy-filled life together.However, Yuichi getting more and more wrapped up in his busy job caused him to neglect Miyu, which prompted the Maid-to-Order Company to come knocking at his door demanding Miyu’s return.With Miyu gone and the Maid-to-Order website gone without a trace, a despondent Yuichi found himself awash in regret – until one day, a new Maid-to-Order kit is delivered to his doorstep!Apparently, Yuichi had the foresight to order himself a backup kit before Miyu was recalled.Thus, Yuichi and Miyu were able to start their life together anew, with both of them gradually reaching new heights in “human” interaction.Will Miyu’s “hidden function” allow them to take that big last step?

Book Reviews


I am not reading this.1 star

Kids probably see this thinking it is a manga or something like that but by the loos if it, it is inappropriate.15


remove please1 star

please reamove cancel my purchased list15


Amazing5 star

Cool asf55


Awesome5 star

This has a lot more steamy things to it than the first chapter of the manga. Great Job so far.😊😊😊😊55


Real maid 25 star

Love this series55


Excellent!!!5 star

Romance FTW!!!55


Love it5 star

I like how you made miyu a robots very clever55


Great5 star

Love this series.55

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