The Art of Being Friends

The Art of Being Friends Summary


Being the new girl is always hard, especially when you're socially awkward. But when my family decides to move to Honeyton at the beginning of my senior year, I try to look at it as a chance to start over.

And it kind of looks like I might succeed. Not only do I make a new friend, but I also meet Hunter Hathingford.

Hunter is gorgeous, charming, and sweet. And while I'm definitely attracted to him, we both decide it's a good idea for us to just be friends.

But not everything in this new town is what it seems. Everyone has secrets. Including Hunter.


I'm known as the biggest flirt in school, which is fine, even if it's not entirely true. Sometimes I wish I could be myself and that I didn't have to be Hunter Hathingford, son of the most wealthy and corrupt man in Honeyton. But since everyone in this town knows who I am, that doesn't seem very realistic.

That is until a new girl moves to town.

Raven Wilowwynter is sweet, beautiful, and probably one of the most amusing girls I've ever met. And even though I can't stop thinking about kissing her, we make a deal to just be friends.

But I'm worried how long that'll last when she finds out the truth about who I really am.

Book Reviews


Not a complete book2 star

This is def not a book!! More like the first chapters of a book. The whole thing was over before anything interesting happened.25


First Read5 star

A few grammatical errors but, the storyline and suspense is amazing. Characters are relatable. Descriptive words are great; my mind painted pictures throughout the chapters. Can’t wait to see if Ravenlee and the gang finally uncover their past.55


Good read5 star

I’m a sucker for cheesy romance novels and this one has a good twist. Wish there was more written for this book! It ended too abruptly for me, but can’t wait for the next book :)55


Awesome5 star

Love it! Kept me in expectation to find out the main character past.55


Good book3 star

The book was okay.35


Not a book - an introduction2 star

Calling this a book is a bit of a stretch. This was an introduction at best to what might be a good story once the author publishes the second book. I liked the story line so far but it ended before it even really got started. Disappointing!!!25

Ondina Blackburn

Very interesting4 star

Wish it was longer, but the concepts are very good. I just feel like the book ended right after the introduction of the plot happened45


Great book!5 star

Recommend: Yes! Trigger Warning* : Contains physical abuse/Domestic Violence * This book follows a girl whose tragic past has haunted her and she desperately wants to find out what happened to her parents. There’s a little romance, coping with high school bullies and finding friends you can count on.55

Sick apppppo mannnnn

Good book4 star

Good book excited for next one45


Too short2 star

The book had no finished plot line. It’s like it was only halfway through and it’s missing the rest of the chapters. As for the story so far, it was weird and kind of disturbing, in my opinion.25

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