The Playboy Prince

The Playboy Prince Summary

A deliciously dirty fake marriage romance with a twist!
Being the playboy prince doesn't just have its perks—it's all perk.
So, when my grandfather says it's time to settle down, I waste no time plotting a way to remain single.

The plan? Make my fiancée hate me. 

Should be easy to do as we attend stuffy engagement dinners, where I go out of my way to prove to Elizabeth how ill-suited we are. We're total opposites—I'm all about adventure and bold new plans for my country, and Lizzy’s the quintessential good girl. Sweet. Polished. Distractingly cute and clever.

Which I admit, makes Miss Wrong harder to resist. Nothing turns me on like a big sexy brain. 

But when a family emergency brings us closer than ever before, I uncover the secret my bride-to-be has been hiding. 

And damn…looks like I’ve finally met my match.

Yep, I’ve gone and fallen in love with the one woman I’ve tried like hell to push away. My new plan? Fight for her like I’ve never fought before.

Previously titled Royal Package. Same fun story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.

The RUGGED & ROYAL Series:
- The Playboy Prince
- The Grumpy Prince
- The Bossy Prince

“[This] royal prince will melt your heart and make your toes curl with that mouth of his.” — Crystal’s Book World, Goodreads reviewer.

“Lovable, quirky characters…crazy, twisty, surprising storyline…this book owned me, heart cockles, funny bone and all.” — BookAddict, Amazon reviewer

“An unputdownable romance that stole my heart, gave me allllll the feels, and left me with one wicked hangover.” — Renee Entress’s Blog

Book Reviews


I love Lili Valente 💚5 star

I love her books. She writes funny characters with real human flaws. The Playboy Prince is sweet, funny, and very sexy although she makes you wait for it. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Lili Valente never disappoints.55

Kita Jill

The Playboy Prince4 star

I liked the storyline & the way it unfolded. Andrew & Sabrina were well matched & I enjoyed the banter between them. A good strangers to friends to lovers!45

Kelechi O.

Synopsis doesn't match the story1 star

The synopsis of this book is mieading. The storyline is quite different from the synopsis would have you believe.15


DNF2 star

Started with the sample and opted not to download the entire book. Then I had a few hours to kill and decided to give it a chance. It was just bad. Childlike and over the top. It’s basically a parody of an actual good romance and I DNF after trying to stomach 70% or so.25

Crazy not lazy

The Playboy Prince3 star

I will give this book a 3 1/2 stars. This book was so boring, up to the middle part, I read another book instead of finishing this one. It dragged something fierce! I don’t suggest u reading this one, or buying the next one.35


The Playboy Prince4 star

Interesting storyline and really sexy prince!45

Singing Secretary

Lili wows me again5 star

Over the many years I have read the novels of Lili Valente, she has continued to wow me over and over again with her witty and sexy rom-com stories. With the addition of Royal Package to her outstanding and ever expanding library, Ms. Valente has again claimed my heart with her fantastic characters, making me fall in love with romance all over again. Prince Andrew and Princess Sabrina are so very likable from the moment we meet them, and the burning chemistry they share right from the start practically singed my iPad. The witty banter they share is blast, so much fun and entertaining. There are a handful of novels that I have read over the years that have the great ability of capturing my thoughts and continue to replay in my mind long after I have finished the book. Royal Package is definitely one of those stories. I loved the main characters and support characters as well. I would certainly love to spend more time in Gallantia and Rinderland. Well done Ms. Valente.55


Review: Royal Package5 star

Royal Package by Lili Valente is a brand new story with a royal them (I LOVE THESE!!!). Welcome to the fictional royal world of Baden Bergen & Gallantia! Prince Andrew is on a mission to effectively "dissuade" his betrothed from wanting to marry him. They have nothing in common after all and an arranged marriage is NOT how he wants to spend his future life. He loves the outdoors, she is asthmatic, he will be King and be around many people, speaking publicly as will his wife, the future queen, and she has a stutter made worse the larger the crowd. Do you see his point here? Meanwhile, back in Gallantia, Princess Elizabeth (the betrothed) is convincing her identical twin sister to take her place for the good of their kingdom. Just temporarily, until before the wedding, so she can work on her project and bail the family out of debt. Feeling like her hand has been forced, Princess Sabrina agrees. She isn't dissuaded by Andrew's terrible table manners and is enjoying her time outdoors with him, even while trying to pretend to be Lizzy. But, alas, secrets this big can't stay secret for long and between Lizzy, Jeff, Sabrina, Zan and Andrew - there are a horde of secrets. Sweet, funny, romantic with a slow build to the sexy stuff. I LOVED this book and want, desperately, MORE ROYALS from the wonderful Ms. Lili!!! Enjoy The audio version was spectacularly narrated by Lili Valente and Shane East. I mean - Swoon! Their voices embody the comedy of some of the situations they find themselves in as well as they do the more serious parts of the story. Loved the Audio!55

Crystal's Book World

Another great story by Lili!!!4 star

Royal Package was fun, flirtatious, steamy, and will have you smiling through and through. Our royal prince will melt your heart and make your toes curl with that mouth of his. I loved his attitude and was happy how everything turned around. That is where the fun began for me. This story is a great escape for any one that needs to get away! I was hanging to every word and loved loved loved how this story ends! This book folks is another winner for me!45


Fabulously Fun!5 star

OMG I loved this book so much! I both read and then listened to it (so thrilled to have gotten early copies of both!!) and let me just say that Shane East and Lili Valente were absolutely amazing narrating Andrew and Sabrina!! I totally adore how they brought them and this story to life and made these characters so lovable. Trust me it wasn't always easy to make Andrew lovable with all the crazy schemes he came up with to make himself uncharming. Lot's of funny laugh out loud scenes because of that though, in true Lili fashion! I love Andrew and Sabrina together, it's clear pretty early on that they were meant for each other despite all that is happening in their world! I really love the concept of this story and how it all plays out! It is truly such a joy to read or listen to anything this author writes!55

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