The Prince & His Cinderella

The Prince & His Cinderella Summary

Magical hot springs. A memory glitch. And a positive pregnancy test.

Briana Duvaulle couldn’t be pregnant! She hadn’t done the deed…had she? And to make matters worse—now that it’s too late—the most exciting man Brianna has ever met has launched a no-holds-barred romantic pursuit of her!

Although Joseph Castillo showers her with gifts and affections, it’s the lure of his passion and devotion that Brianna can’t resist. But just when she starts believing in fairy tales and happily ever after, she learns he’s a Prince!

She’s a small town girl from Ohio and he’s next in line to rule an entire country. She can’t expect him to compromise his impeccable lineage for her and her mystery baby—especially when his family has arranged for him to marry someone else.

Is it time for this Cinderella to escape?

National Reader’s Choice Award Winner

“A book that will make it to the keeper shelf. The very talented and witty Mindy Neff constantly turns out works of fiction that would make great romantic films and this one is no exception!” –Harriet Klausner, AOL Reviews.

“A must read for anyone looking for a truly marvelous book!” –Jackie Lovejoy, Covina Bookstore.

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3 stars3 star

Escapist entertainment!35

Crazy not lazy

The Prince & His Cinderella4 star

I felt this book had holes in it. It didn’t flow. Like most of the other authors, they never finished the book. Never to find out if she had a boy or girl. Never to find out out how she adjusted to being a princess. I won’t buy one of her books for this reason!45

Halo Angel Mendoza

Beautiful5 star

This was my very first time reading one of your books and I am hooked! I am in love with all of the characters (except the creepy guy that seemed to make Brianna nervous) I felt transported because of the style that you weaved as you were telling the story I never wanted to but it down! I loved that Brianna is very strong willed and determined to find or make her own way and that she was determined to not just take the easy way out, but until she got her “memory back” that she refused to lay anything on the Princes shoulders and just be “brought” which drove Prince Joseph up the wall at times, but that showed him that money doesn’t buy everything and that proved that she was definitely someone very special...They say there are generational curses and there are also arranged marriages still that are expected are meant to be broken sometimes. Sometimes that causes those marriages either not to last or that bitterness towards each other and when it is truly a love made in heaven it lasts so much longer! I may be older but I still believe in happy ever after and that I too may meet my Prince Charming with or without a crown. 🥰55


Loved5 star

I had a good time with the characters in this book they are awesome and the connection between them. The storyline was a fun read. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

Marie Bourgery

Fairytale Romance4 star

Brianna falls for Joseph at a ball and they spend the night together not knowing that he’s a crown prince. But according to a test at the doctor’s office she’s already pregnant from a time she can’t remember. It was kind of crazy how she never followed up with the doctor and she didn’t start fully experiencing pregnancy symptoms until later. I just kept thinking that she should have made follow up appointments for her health and the baby’s, but that added to the mystery of the story. I liked her cousin that she’s living with Crystal’s little blind dog Peppe, but I thought it was strange that we don’t meet her finance Franco until the end of the book. There were plenty of funny moments in the book at the restaurant where the waitstaff don’t speak and you have to prepare your own food, Joseph trying to help Brianna at the overrun flower shop and at the fertility springs and rock.45

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