The Sweet Talker

The Sweet Talker Summary

I’ve sworn off hockey players. Until the pregnancy test turns pink.

Noah Scotch is revered in Boston, a veritable god on the ice. I’m a nerdy, newly minted college professor who would rather color code my planner than hit the club scene. Noah shouldn’t look at me twice but when he does, I falter. 

Who can blame me? 

The sweet talker with the deliciously chiseled abs and sinful chocolate eyes is a force. On and off the ice. One hot and intense night with Noah has me second guessing my lack of a dating life. 

Friends with benefits? He offers, I dive in headfirst. Growing up in a hockey family, I know better than to get serious with a player. 

But the more time I spend getting to know Noah, the more my intention to keep things casual rings false. 

Now, I’ve got a hopeful heart and a baby on the way. 

I just need to tell Noah. But when I do, will I end up with everything I never knew I wanted? Or on my own?

Book Reviews

Crazy not lazy

The Sweet Talker4 star

It was a cutesy book. I will give it 4 1/2 stars. Good subject, good main characters and it ended well. The only negative was some of the subject matter was left hanging. The author presented a couple of problems, but never discussed it further.45


The Sweet Talker5 star

Great read55


Absolutely loved it ❤️🏒🥅🏒😊5 star

A definite must read. Absolutely loved The Sweet Talker. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a hot hockey player or a nerdy professor to keep the hot hockey player grounded.55


Noah and Indy for the win!5 star

Noah and Indy for the win! I love this new hockey romance series by Gina Azzi! If you love sweet and sexy sports romances, you don’t want to miss this book. Noah and Indy’s friends-with-benefits arrangement quickly turns more complicated when they catch feelings…and end up pregnant. Throw in some hot hockey players, witty side characters, and irresistible chemistry, and I devoured The Sweet Talker. This is the perfect book to start a new series and I can’t wait for Claire and Easton’s story!55


Great start to the series5 star

What a way to start a series! Way to go Gina! Taking a quote from this series opener- “The best surprises in life are the ones you don’t see coming, the ones you don’t wait around for, the ones that happen with those who matter most” Noah & Indy took each other by surprise in so many ways but that was half the fun ! I Loved these two, and how intense their casual connection was! The rest of the characters were the icing on cake and it makes you excited about their potential stories but in the end there’s one thing that you should know, never say never,because the universe will decide that you will be tested on the fact that you should never say never when it comes to love. 5 sparkling surprise stars!55

Bibliophile Chloe

A new hockey team to love!5 star

A new series by Gina Azzi?!? Sign me up and I am so glad I did! This is the first book in a new series based on the fictional Boston Hawks hockey team.   This is the story of Noah and Indiana.  Indiana is a gal with a plan. She has landed her dream job, moved to a new city and is looking for a fresh start. Her heart was broken in the past and she is even more focused on her career than anything else. I admire how she is trying hard to break out of the all work and no play bubble she finds herself in. Noah is a hockey player, he is best friends with Indiana's cousin and has grown up around Indiana's family.  Her family is the soft place for him and his brother to fall. When he sees Indiana again after a long time, well the sparks start flying. I loved how they both seemed to be OK with the relationship they started with, but we know that it's gonna be more. I like how Indy sets Noah back on his heels quite a few times with her no nonsense attitude.  Add a surprise pregnancy to the mix and you get a fantastic story with sweetness and just a touch of angst. The story just flows from the pages and it was hard to put down once I started. I am so excited to see the next stories in this series! 55

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