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USA Today bestselling author Melissa Schroeder returns to her romantic comedy roots with a brand new three book series - Camos and Cupcakes!

Allison Bradley has always known what she wanted.

At thirteen, I decided to be a nurse. That very same year, I fell in love with Ed Cooper. Sure, I was barely a teenager and he was one of my older brother's buddies from boot camp. I didn't care. I was in love or lust...or something. He consumed my every waking thought. Sadly, fifteen years later, I'm still infatuated and he sees me as a little sister.

Baker Ed Cooper has a problem.

When she was a teenager, Allison was a sweet nuisance. Now, I want to take a bite of her to see just how sweet. I'm beyond infatuated with her but she's my best friend's little sister. Definitely against the bro code. Every time she comes into our shop-which is just about every freaking day-I lust after her. If her brother knew, he would definitely kill me.

One drunken kiss changes everything.

The moment Allison's mouth hits mine, I know there's no going back. Just one taste of her turns me into an addict. Even though I know I'm not good enough for her, once I've had her in my bed, I know I'm not giving her up.

Warning: This story includes so much sweetness from the strawberry lemonade cupcakes to the sexy giant of a baker you might end up with cavities. There are meddling best friends, an older brother who needs to get his own life, and so much frosting used in inappropriate ways you'll probably die of embarrassment. Or I will. Maybe not. Listen, just buy the book and get ready for sweet, hot, over the top kind of romance that will leave you craving for more than cupcakes. You're welcome.

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Cute and sexy!5 star

Sweet, sexy and smutty! The frosting scene! omg, yes please! It's short but it's worth it! ❤️55

Cheryl SDS

A sexy feel-good romance!5 star

This is book one in the Camos and Cupcakes series and it features Ed and Allison. The base story for Camos and Cupcakes is fabulous! Three military guys leave the service and open a bakery...a very successful bakery! Each contributing something different. Ed is the master baker. How much more delicious can you get? A gorgeous ginger that is 6‘4“ and can bake! He is also deliciously talented in other rooms of the house other than the kitchen. Allison’s been in love/lust with him since she was a teen. Now that he’s out of the service and has been back in San Antonio for two years, he’s trying very hard not to act on the feelings he has for his best friend’s sister. These two are explosive together! They are good friends but discover they have been missing out on so much more for two years already. I adore everything about this book. The story is fantastic! The characters are awesome and are people I’d love to be friends with. They are fun, funny, loyal and normal every-day people. This is a fun, sexy romance that leaves you feeling good with a smile on your face and I can’t wait for book two!55

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