Love, Lies, and What Just Happened?

Love, Lies, and What Just Happened? Summary

Am I Crazy For You? Maybe. Or maybe crazier for that taco you're holding.

When Sophie gets tackled over a taco, she wonders what kind of a crazy person would do such a thing. Meet ex-quarterback turned cop, Jack O'Donlan. He's sexy, Irish, and willing to go to any lengths to get a date with the beautiful Italian lady he's just tackled by accident.

When Jack wants a do-over and asks Sophie out for a real date, she says no. Until she learns where he wants to take her. Sophie accepts, but leaves out one key detail: Her big Italian family owns the restaurant. And Jack was going to get grilled by the best.

Will Jack run for his life or embrace the insanity?

Find out how Sophie met Jack! This is a short prequel and part of Love, Laugh, Bark Books series. Perfect for a quick, entertaining read. Grab your copy now and make your day!


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