My Bestie's Ex

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I can’t borrow him. 
He’s not a sweater or a skirt. 
He’s not even her favorite dress—the lucky one she wears on first dates. The one she probably wore on her first date with him. 

In my defense, I didn’t know who he was. To me, he was a cool, calm, confident stranger. He was perfection for the entire hour and a half train ride while the concrete jungle turned into a rolling green landscape. 

To an outsider, we probably appeared more friends than hopeful lovers. But my blush came quickly, and his dimples indented with every smile. We definitely shared a spark of what could be. 

Too bad I didn’t know who he was before I fell for him, because he can’t be mine.

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So Good5 star

It’s got a great storyline with some suspense and a bunch of flirting. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a good romantic novel. Plus it is actually the first of a series, so you’d be smart to check this out.55

Jennifer Callen

My Bestie’s Ex5 star

Great read😊 Very entertaining just love ❤️ it Thanks Jennifer Callen 😉55


Love it5 star

I loved this book. Can’t wait to read the next one.55


Bad1 star

Don’t waste your time15


Quick read!5 star

Loved it!55


Bratty Besties Ex1 star

Dude, this story is such a let down. -Ethan is nothing to write home about; he’s not an alpha he’s just bleh, just whatever. I just finished this book & forgot his name 😐 -Blanca is forgettable too. She comes from an Italian family... and that’s her character depth - Blanca being an idiot saying ‘he doesn’t like me’ when he literally said he likes her. I didn’t feel the chemistry anyhow 🤷🏻‍♀️ - the schmaltzy bs that soo isn’t genuine or inline with the characters had me skimming & rolling my eyes -all the back & forth bs ate up so much of the book that you don’t even enjoy them as a couple, it goes straight to conflict - Sierra is a brat & I’m sorry for her issues but it doesn’t redeem her. (And then she gets the me t where she gets everything she wants just like the brat she is)15


Review: The Rooftop Crew 1: My Bestie’s Ex4 star

My Bestie's Ex by Piper Rayne is the first book in a brand new series, The Rooftop Crew . Book one in the series begins with Blanca Mancini, younger sister to the Mancini brothers whom you may remember from the White Collar Brothers series. This book was a departure from the city, but only a train-ride away, and a sweet and fun romance. Clearly setting the stage for more shenanigans to come. Blanca and Ethan's story is funny and sweet and a little bit sexy and comes wrapped up in a neat little happy ending that sets the stage for the next book. A fun read, a quick visit with some favorites and a great start to this new leg of the journey. Enjoy!45


Great new series5 star

I love Piper Rayne! This is a new series spinning off of the White Collar Brother series featuring Blanca Mancini. What would you do if find out the guy you are falling in love with is your Bestie’s ex? Read to find out! Totally loved both Blanca and Ethan. Great introduction to the whole Rooftop Gang who will be in the rest of the series. I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review.55

Bibliophile Chloe

A new series by Piper Rayne! Yes, please!5 star

I am always excited to see a new series by this phenomenal writing duo and this first book in a new series is amazing! This is the introduction to the crew and also a fresh story about chance meetings, finding your soul mate and the code between girlfriends. This story isn't just about Blanca and Ethan, it's about so much more!  There are twists and turns that are going to leave you crying and hoping and rooting for understanding and love! Now this new series can be read as a stand-alone. But I have been stalking this writing duo since the beginning and I was so excited to see Blanca getting her own story! She is fierce and unapologetic.  She is honest to a fault and loyal to those she loves. Being the youngest sister of the Mancini crew has made her the woman she is today. Ethan, oh you wily devil.  He tries so hard to keep his world in separate boxes.  It was fun and moving to read how Blanca came into his world and blurred the lines and made him want more. I loved the friendships and comradery of this whole crew of characters.  I loved the nod to the previous series in the Piper Rayne world. I cannot wait for the rest of this series! I hope for redemption for a couple of characters and see how the dynamics change for this crew of friends!55


Great start to a new series5 star

What happens when you meet the man of your dreams on a train only to find out that you work with him and he doesn't do coworker relationships? What do you do when the attraction is so magnetic you can't help but give in to the gorgeous girl you met on the train despite you fear of relationships? What happens when you discover that this guy, this awesome, totally it for me, head over heels in love with guy, is your best friends ex? What is a girl to do? Blanca meets Ethan just as she is starting over in a place with a new career. Ethan is six months out of a toxic relationship and completely closed off to getting close to anyone but the minute the two meet on the train the attraction sparks and neither of them can deny how they feel. So many obstacles are thrown their way from Ethan's inability to talk about his past, to his no coworker relationship rule, to the final blow.....Ethan is Blanca's best friends ex who she is pretty sure her best friend is not over. How can a new relationship survive all this stuff? Well you will have the read My Best Friends Ex to find out. The book offers a new awesome cast of characters that I cannot wait to meet in the new Rooftop Crew Series with some cameos from some well loved characters, Blanca's brothers, the Mancini brothers along with Anna, Bella and and Val. You don't want to miss the start of this awesome new series.55

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