Oopsie Daisy: A Steamy Romantic Comedy

Oopsie Daisy: A Steamy Romantic Comedy Summary

My professor gave me my first D.
Now my next assignment is due…in nine months.

You know when you meet your new professor, and he ends up being the same man you had a one-night stand with three months ago?

Okay, maybe not. Let me explain.

I hadn’t intended to sleep with my professor. I might be known as the impulsive, prankster daughter in my family, but I’m not insane. I just wanted to have some fun in Ireland at my sister’s wedding, and maybe lose my virginity, too.

When I met Lochlann Gallagher at a pub one night, I couldn’t resist him. He was hot, Irish, and entirely set on seducing me. One unforgettable night under the sheets with him, and my V-card went up in smoke.

Well, that night had one itty bitty consequence because Lochlann totally made my eggo preggo. 

And if this story isn’t crazy enough, Lochlann is not just my baby daddy: he’s now my professor and my advisor for grad school. 

Somehow we have to figure out a way not to reveal this rapidly gestating secret while resisting the explosive attraction between us. 

Except there’s just one more complication to this story: I think I’m totally falling for my baby daddy. 

Oopsie daisy.

Book Reviews


Fun read!5 star

A one night stand turns into pregnancy. Follow these adorable characters as they navigate the next nine months.55

Myiah Samone

Should be at the top of everyone’s reading list5 star

So many twist and turns, just brilliant ...couldn’t help but fall in love with these characters and this beautiful, consuming, lovely novel. Just amazing 100/10 by far!55


Amazing5 star

A must read! I laughed, cried and got hot and bothered! This is a great book!55

mia's allie

Oops is right1 star

Made it through the 1st chapter. Byeee....15


Great romcom book4 star

A great story and funny one liners that made me laugh so much. Recommended to anyone who loves a cute romance and needs a laugh ❤️45


A nice but overly sexed read3 star

I’m no prude but enough with the sex scenes. Actually got boring and skipped. Nice ending to the story.35


Love it5 star

This is such a great book to read. I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished it. I recommend this book.55

jj goatgirl

Cute3 star

This story is sweet enough with the characters. The cat is the best! But there are some holes. The guy supposedly doesn’t want to drive but a few pages later he’s dropping off the woman after the hospital visit. At the end of the book he’s driving them to the hospital to have the baby. But he said most women birth at home early in the book. And even though this woman is supposedly brilliant she drops out before the semester is over and then maybe months later is going to apply to programs in Ireland? Grad school doesn’t work that way. Nice try, decent characters, and a good hea if you just ride with the inconsistencies. A good afternoon distraction!35


Loved it5 star

So good! I couldn’t stop reading this!55

Ashley Alfaro Patton

Loved it5 star

So worth the read!!!55

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