Rum and Notes

Rum and Notes Summary

My life was boring until I met him.

Painfully tedious, pathetically lonely, and I absolutely hated it.

But I was too scared to do anything about it. Too scared to change . . . at least until I met Kace.

I should have been terrified of him—scared of his size (he towered over my short, curvy self), freaked out by the fierce tats covering his arms and torso (they even crawled up his neck), and definitely frightened by the angry scowl he unleashed on anyone who dared to disrupt him (though this happened rarely, it still did happen).

Except, Kace seemed to like me—shy, boring, socially inept me. He couldn’t change the tats or the towering, but he rarely unleashed his trademark scowl on me.

Okay, so maybe it was more like he tolerated me, but regardless, Kace didn’t seem to care that I hung around the bar he worked at, putting my night owl tendencies to work as I wrote.

See, my work was the only place I explored. My safe place to write as dirty and steamy and kinky of books as I wanted.

My readers loved them—loved the hot sex, the tough alphas, the guaranteed happy endings. As thus, I made good money, only somewhat because I was a decent writer, but mostly because my imagination was very active, beyond active . . . some might even say too active.

As for me personally? I’d never experienced anything close to the types of things I wrote.

But I’d decided it was time to change that.

With scowly, sexy, terrifying Kace.

Book Reviews


Quick read4 star

Pretty good story line, likable characters, a bit too explicit for me personally, and very quick on relationship building, which is a shame.45


Sweet4 star

Short but sweet! HEA, sweet characters and cute storyline!45


Rum &Notes4 star

Enjoy the author.45


Would have given it five stars but...4 star

Needs editing. Several occurrences of wrong pronoun being used. For example, “I was heading for the door when a small body ran into him.” Often first person dissolves into third like the author changed to first after writing it originally in third. Not earth shattering but highly annoying. Otherwise it’s a cute story.45


Different5 star

Ever feel like every story is the same? This one was different. Compelling, made me smile, made me root for them, made me feel. Liked everything about it. Totally worth your time and makes your day better, brighter. My kind of book!55

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