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One Couple. One Romance. One Siri-ously Seductive Series.

Sexy, Book One

He speaks Italian. "Giorno e notte sogno solo di te." 

"Day and night I dream only of you."

When Mr. Sexy moves into 9G down the hall, everything changes.  
Chiseled, rock-hard, handsome with a beautiful smile and swoon-worthy eyes.  
Quiet, reserved, disciplined perfection.

His thunderous passion lurks just below his hardcore persona. 
Hopeful, but careful, I play my assets.  
Walking a fine line between teasing to turn him on and tempting him to go too far.   

He haunts my dreams. 

Are we soulmates? 

If you love strong, spirited women who go all-in-for-the-win when they find their Mr. Sexy and you fall hard for mysterious badass heroes, then you'll love this page-turning, scorching hot romantic comedy. 

Download today and let Mr. Sexy begin your seduction!  

* * * * *  

IN FULL FRONTAL DISCLOSURE, Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets is the love story between Siri Wright and Aurelius Moore. Told through ten individual books that take the reader on the journey of their romantic relationship from the moment they first lay eyes on each other to their happily ever after. 

Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets is a serial, sequel, saga, series (try saying that three times fast) told through a steady stream of consciousness and must be read in order. Some books end on cliff hangers. Some books end on unresolved issues. Plot points are introduced in one book and resolved in another, building to the climatic conclusion.

This romantic adventure is unlike anything you have read before. 

*The antics that will crack you up. 

*The dirty talk and sexy banter is fan-yourself, swoon-worthy. 

*The secrets shared are jaw-dropping.

*The twists and turns will put you on the edge of your seat.

*The lust and love are pure panty-melting passion. 

*And, you are guaranteed more than one happy-ending! ;)  

Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets is "a brilliant piece of writing magic." Five stars - Goodreads Reviewer

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Was this written by someone in 7th grade?1 star

It’s an honest question. Between the tone of the book, the complete lack of grammar checks, and the exhausting pace, I really wondered. I had to check what year, city, and time period each chapter was in because it skipped around so often I couldn’t imagine where I was.15


Sexy5 star

By jessica klide Holy hell this is hot for a starter book, whew! Bookbub55

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