Stiff Suit

Stiff Suit Summary

I've spent my whole life guarding the family's biggest secrets. Too bad this one won't leave my guest room.

Let's blame that inconvenient distraction for the questionable choices I make at my brother's wedding. Thank God for Lily Archer, who saves my rep and melts my heart in one fell swoop. It's damn humbling for a controlling jerk like me accustomed to being in charge of everything.

But something about Lily has me unraveling like the cuffs on a cheap suit. She's sexy and smart as hell, and makes no secret she wants me for a no-strings fling. What guy in his right mind would say no?

I'm clearly not in my right mind because I suddenly can't stop thinking about long-term with Lily. It's not ideal, since the family's worst skeleton is ready to tumble from the closet in a big, dusty heap. Who the hell is in charge around here?

It's me. And before this is over, I'll have some explaining to do.

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Stiff Suit5 star

Interesting story, Loved the brothers and 1 sister, Had a weird twist about the father, took a while to feel I was finally getting the story.55

Crazy not lazy

Stiff Suit5 star

Enjoyed reading this. The characters were witty and real. It got slightly confusing with all the characters, but was great anyway! I highly recommend this book55


Stiff Suit5 star

Another funny and down to earth book. This had me laughing out loud by myself!!55


Another in a great series5 star

James and Lily make this a funny part of this great series.55


Stiff Suit5 star

I really enjoyed the flow of this story, getting invested in all of the characters. Thank you for writing with purpose, keeping this reader engrossed. And special thanks for keeping grammar on track. Thankfully proper grammar is not a stubling block in your books.55


Stiff Suit5 star

I was really surprised with the depth of this story. I really enjoyed learning about this family (the siblings that joined together, even though they had different mothers). That sexually roaming father is something else! A great read!55


Stiff Suit5 star



Great book5 star

Loved the story and the characters! Lots of intrigue and romance.55

Muck Family

Stiff Suit5 star

Love this author and this series!!55


Stiff suit5 star

By tawna fenske Another brother fell in love and off the market! So cute and twists you don’t see coming! Bookbub55

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