Until We Collide

Until We Collide Summary

What do you get when you cross a neck brace, a jellyfish, and an encounter with a gorilla?

Dating disasters only a quirky and fun woman could endure.

With her thirtieth birthday fast-approaching, Paige Taylor knows she must get more than her toes wet in the dating pool.  After all, she's spent way too long pining over Alec Wright, who's perpetually unavailable.  Now, with some encouragement from her best friend, Paige is ready to take the plunge and find Mr. Right.  

But when a catalogue of catastrophic dates ensue, Paige questions what she's always wondered. 

Is Alec Wright her Mr. Right? 

Book Reviews

mandy 1980 ;)

Until we collide5 star

The funniest and most romantic book I’ve read in a long time!! Must read if you have a great sense of humor!!55


Great book!!5 star

Awesomely awesome!! Laughed very hard🙌🏾55


Hilarious and heartfelt5 star

Paige Taylor is a gorgeous klutz who goes on disastrous date after date while waiting for Prince Charming. The story is laugh out loud hilarious and very well-written. If Stephanie Plum and her sidekick Lula’s adventures are your idea of fun, you’ll enjoy this book.55


Badly timed romance4 star

Cute story revolving around two people that love each other, but ever seem to be available at the same time. Persevere,as it does have a happy ending!45


Until we collide5 star

Very enjoyable story.55


Until We Collide5 star

Loved this book. I laughed and cried, and could hardly put it down. Recommend read.55


Could not stop laughting5 star

I loved everything about this book, most of all, I could not stop laughing.55

Relaxed in San Diego

Paige & Poppie carried the book2 star

This book has some seriously funny parts all thanks to Paige and her bestie, Poppie, but this was supposed to a romance between Paige and Alec. The romance dragged and if not for the funny parts I would not have finished the book. By the time Paige and Alec got their happy ending I couldn’t have cared less.25


Truly funny5 star

Best rom-com I’ve read in a long time! I almost NEVER leave reviews but I love this book so much; the characters are relatable and the love story is cutesy55


LOVE5 star

LOVED THIS BOOK! I couldn’t stop reading this book. There were at least 3 moments when I was uncontrollably laughing at the scenarios that happen in this book.55

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