2012 Summary

Everyone said it's the last day of Earth and he went outside and waited.
A short story about the apocalypse.

Book Reviews


At least it was free.1 star

You really can't complain too much. The book was free.15


Way too short2 star

What a great book this could have made. This essay is well written & I loved it. But where is the rest?25


Good4 star

How do I get to the next chapter?45


Don't know what to say!1 star

This is my first review ever. I have read many books and I have to say this was awful. First off - author what were u thinking? This is seriously only a few pages long. Secondly, it had potential to be good, if it was longer.15


What why?4 star

From all these reviews everyone says its bad but why well here's why............... 1st someone said it took twi minutes to read and I think it should maybe be a longer book because when u think of 2012 u think of more then 10 pages long I could think of 143 as a better book or more longer this is a good book but u wish it would be longer please thank u for taking the time to read this review and p.s. GREAT BOOK 😉45

serb girl

Bleh5 star

It so bad, it made me rate this 5 stars!55


:(4 star

I wish it wasn't short45


Didn't Even Finish It1 star

I only gave it a star because it got published, and I don't even know how that happened. I started reading and it was bad from the start, I was going to try to get further but then I saw how short it was and said to myself,"there is no way this it could get better in 3 pages".15


20121 star

There was no story. It took me two minutes to read. Not worth the bandwidth it took to download.15


WHAT???1 star

A second moon really not worth it15

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