Tails and Fixers

Tails and Fixers Summary

Tails and Fixers is a Sci-Fi novel that deals with survival on a far distant hostile world. In the end it is a love story with both sorrow and great hope.

Floyd was slowly dying and was given the chance to live; if he would agree to be an emissary from Earth. He is sent on a one way mission to a distant world in return for the promise of restored health from a secret stem cell treatment. He and his computer partner arrive fifty Earth years later only to find a planet which had been decimated by a major asteroid strike. The only survivors live in the Sanctuary deep below a mountain. The ruling council finds the idea of democracy a threat to the stability of the Sanctuary. Floyd is evicted from the Sanctuary to an expected death from the elements. Lina with her long fluffy tail, and Tesla a fixer, were to be eliminated in order to sanitize the thinking within the Sanctuary. With the help of the other fixers they escape and join Floyd in his struggle for survival.

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Very poignant!5 star

A nice “tale” portraying the human-like condition across time and space.55


Scifi saga5 star

This is an interesing premise for a SciFi saga: one human sent to a planet sending a distress signal that has 2 very different intelligent species and how they all interact. It is not a predicatble story and it kept my interest. For me that's the best kind of SciFi book.55

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