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It is the day after Aimee Patterson’s high school graduation. College beckons, as does her dream of becoming an engineer. On an early evening walk, her cocker spaniel charges into the woods on the other side of the pond. Aimee trails after him, and in the stillness of that forest the unthinkable happens. She becomes paralyzed and watches in horror as her hands vanish before her eyes.

Waking to the sound of voices, Aimee realizes that she has been kidnapped. Little does she know how far away from home she is, though. In an attempt to flee her captors, she launches from their confines only to freeze at the view outside the window. The sky is black and filled with stars, and in the distance is a familiar blue globe. The planet Earth.

A group of humans forced to flee their planet after an epidemic destroyed their civilization now travel the galaxies in search of an antidote. Retrieving samples of plant life from every solar system, on this occasion Aimee was accidentally seized instead.

Aimee must learn to avoid the advances of an awkward young scientist who seems intent on dissecting her, as her own fascination turns to the exotic young warrior, Zak. Having fallen in love with Zak, she is now torn with the decision to return to Earth or live beyond the stars.

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Beyond5 star

Wonderful book. I loved it55

i luv reading

Beyond5 star

Fantastic Read. Full of intrigue, careing, innovative scientifically possible occurrences. Page Turner.55

Merrsy A

Good book.3 star

Worth a read, although it went too fast. The character development and plot of this book felt rushed but still a nice read.35


Wonderful5 star

A refreshing twist to an alien abduction. Filled with romance, wonder, laughs and chaos-I finished this book in 1 night.55


Beyond5 star

I really enjoyed this book. A very different take on alien abduction and its aftermath and consequences. Intelligent good read.55


I loved reading this book5 star

This is one of my favorite series. I'm reading it for the third time. Amy is a slightly nerdy teen girl who finds herself accidently captured by an alien ship. She travels the stars and returns home where her heart remains among the stars.55

Caught Dead in Wyoming

Beyond5 star

Great book. Not just for the romance reader. All science fiction readers will enjoy this.55


Geeking out!5 star

I got this as a Bookbub freebie and I read this all in one night! I love sci-fi, and this story had me geeking out for so many reasons, not the least of which being that the main character's name is the same as mine (albeit a different spelling), and I too played clarinet in band. I enjoyed the technical aspects and loved the storyline, and informed my husband that my next computer shall be named JOH. If you haven't read this yet, do it now. And um, maybe have a box of tissues and some chocolate handy for the last bit of the book. Just in case.55


Wow!5 star

This is an amazing read! I felt like I was Aimee and I fell in love with Zak and was terrified by Salvan with her. Keep on writing! đź’š55

Colby Zamek

Beyond5 star

Best book ever!!!!55

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