Ignite The Shadows

Ignite The Shadows Summary

Seattle. The near future. A dark force infects humans and takes over their minds.

Seventeen-year-old Marci is a hacker. The best in the city. Ever since she can remember, her mind has been under attack, but lately it's getting worse. A dark force overrides her and makes her do awful things. Her mother and best friend believe that she's a rebel child and that she meant to race her bike with the cops hot on her tail.

She wasn't in control. Someone else was.

Time and time again, Marci defeats the invading shadows and remains herself. The ability to prevail doesn't go unnoticed by James McCray, the leader of a rebellious group known as IgNiTe. He soon recruits her and assures her she's not crazy.

It turns out it's far worse.

Marci is infected by a terrible plague, and so is half of Seattle.

People are being supplanted at an alarming rate. The human race may be doomed, unless Marci, alongside IgNiTe, can find a way to stop the spread of the infection before it's too late.

For fans of dark urban fantasy and apocalyptic fiction. Ignite the Shadows has intrigue, romance, and a heck of a lot of action. If you enjoyed Divergent, you will love this series.

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