Sleepers Summary

Could there be alien sleeper cells on Earth?

A test-tube baby, fifteen-year-old Jake Rose is half human and half alien; he has both lungs and gills. He's comfortable breathing air—or water.

He’s been raised on the “other blue planet,” Rison. However, in a horrifying science-gone-wrong scenario, Rison will soon implode.
Jake evacuates to Earth to live with his human father’s parents on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound. His mother, Dayexi Quad-de is Rison’s ambassador to Earth. She’s tasked with finding Risonians a new home in Earth's oceans in a peaceful manner.
Jake accidentally discovers that Earth’s elite ELLIS forces are trying to sabotage Mt. Rainier.
They plan to force Mt. Rainier to erupt…and then blame it on the Risonian aliens.
Working to thwart them, Jake suddenly realizes his mother—the ambassador—is missing. Kidnapped!

Sleepers is the first novel in the action-packed science fiction The Blue Planets World series. This classic children's novel of finding your place in society combines with thrilling science fiction that delivers a punch. Perfect for readers in fourth to eighth grade.

Book Reviews

Minor rusty

A fun read4 star

good character development, enjoyed plot twists45

teddys camera

Juvenile reading4 star

Good beginning novel for 15 year olds. All in all put together in a way easily deciphered as to where each chapter was leading. Not very dramatic.45

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