Against Time: A Seeders Universe Novel

Against Time: A Seeders Universe Novel Summary

USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith returns to the world of Dust and Kisses with a new novel.

Paleontologist Callie Sheridan spent a few days deep in the Oregon Caves on a dig with three students from the University of Oregon. When they emerged, they found almost everyone in the world dead. Survival became her only thought.

Mathematician and galactic explorer Vardis Fisher dropped into orbit over a planet where almost all of the human life had been recently killed for no obvious reason. Suddenly, hundreds of other ships, all human, appear in orbit and start working to save the planet's remaining population.

Together, Callie and Fisher work to discover the secrets of a galaxy that has been hidden in plain sight, even from the powerful humans who rescued millions. And in the process, they just might change everything.

Book Reviews

Galdalf, the Great White Ninja

Good quick read of sci-for genre.4 star

Nicely done, not a really tough read to get someone hooked on Sci-fi genre. This is a good lead into the Seeder universe. Some of the advanced scientific explanations and devices are just a little too convenient for my tastes, but they keep the story moving. I haven’t read the remainder of the series but hope these characters continue to become fleshed out. Just a short unsatisfying swim in the shallow end for my tastes….but that’s on me.45


Seeders novel5 star

Gardening with flora and fauna and humans is the premise here. Interesting philosophy and works historically.55

Robert the Red

Shallow and simple1 star

Shallow characters. About 1 molecule deep. Simple plot. About like a cartoon show for 9 year olds.15

Tex jj

Yes5 star

Loved it. Humans have way to much “oppositional disorder” for it to be natural55

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