Apocalypse Summary

A world-ending meteor. An invasion of monsters. A desperate fight for survival...

Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years in Bunker 108. He's walked the same metal halls, seen the same faces, has followed the same rules. But everything changes when a viral outbreak forces him to flee the safety of his bunker.

Outside, he discovers a barren world twisted by the impact of Ragnarok. Alone, he must fight across a brutal landscape, where every breath is a fight for survival. Monsters haunt the planet's surface, and nothing of the old world remains.

Can Alex survive this hellish wasteland, or will he become its newest victim?

Book Reviews


Great read!!4 star

Really enjoyed this book! Fast-paced & fun to read!45


So many twists and turns5 star

I love this book! It’s so unpredictable and spontaneous, and very relatable!55

Area 62 Combat Engineer

Good read , fan of Fallout so this was5 star



Page turner5 star

I was hooked from the first page. The author lures you in as you follow the main character on his journey of survival for himself and mankind. He quickly adapts from his sheltered existence to experience the world post apocalypse. I can’t wait to see where his journey leads him.55


Ugh1 star

This was stupid. Poorly written. Action was predictable and beyond believable, even for light fiction. I wouldn’t waste anymore minutes of my life reading other episodes of it.15


Wow4 star

Emotional roller coaster, I couldn’t and can’t stop thinking about Khloe,45


Apocalypse4 star

Intriguing plot and page turning actin45


Light read3 star

It’s average. Maybe I’ve just read too many awesome apocalyptic novels, but for me it was somewhat bland.35


Apocalypse5 star

I’m not a fan of Sci-Fi; however, this book is awesome! I couldn’t hardly put it down!55


Wow5 star

Great book I loved it 5 stars for sure. Amazing55

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