Archangel Down

Archangel Down Summary

In the year 2432, humans think they are alone in the universe. They’re wrong.

Commander Noa Sato plans a peaceful leave on her home planet Luddeccea ... but winds up interrogated and imprisoned for her involvement in the Archangel Project. A project she knows nothing about.

Professor James Sinclair wakes in the snow, not remembering the past twenty four hours, or knowing why he is being pursued. The only thing he knows is that he has to find Commander Sato, a woman he’s never met.

A military officer from the colonies and a civilian from Old Earth, they couldn’t have less in common. But they have to work together to save the lives of millions—and their own.
Every step of the way they are haunted by the final words of a secret transmission:

The archangel is down.

Book Reviews


Archangel Down1 star

I think all five books could make one book. Never write one story when five will do is why I stopped reading 30’s pulp. And why Campbells 40’s group took off like a rocket. The sad part is you are a better writer than any of Campbells .15


Good book5 star

Really enjoyed plot55


Great hook of a book5 star

Now I really want to read the next book in the series. I loved the main character. I hope she gets her fingers back. Tyranny takes many forms, as we are learning in 2020. Take advantage of your current freedom to read what you want and read this book.55


Archangel Down5 star

A great adventure sci fi book that keeps you guessing where it will lead with a group of interesting characters and a surprise ending.55


Great blend of sci-fy and myththologies4 star

Enjoyed the characters and the main female hero. In the future there is still struggles among zealots and the nonbelievers.45


Archangel Down5 star

Great story. Action and adventure and suspense. Character struggles that drive the plot. A Must read book.55


Archangel Down1 star

Difficult to follow-leading characters should of died several times,things that happen do not follow the laws of physics,too much "nebulosity".15

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