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When Olivia and DeAnn were recruited into a secretive organization, they had no idea they’d accidentally find themselves on a field mission. Unprepared and unqualified, will they rise up to the challenge?

Olivia and DeAnn are both at a crossroads in their lives. Olivia’s dream of starting a family has failed to materialize, while DeAnn’s spotless, successful life seems hollow somehow. 

When they’re offered positions with the mysterious Cassandra Programme, they believe the opportunity could change their lives for the better. 

Little do they know that the Programme is concealing an incredible secret that could change the future of humanity itself.

And now that future lies in Olivia and DeAnn’s hands…

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Chosen2 star

Interesting pre-story, but the writing was stilted and I kept trying to understand where it was going.25


Chosen5 star

It seemed relevant and explores an important topic of world overpopulation. It also doesn’t hold back on the in your face racism one would expect in an overpopulated scarcity environment. The character couldn’t be more different and somehow work well together. I want to read the next book for sure55



I mean……..this book was definitely a page turner! I’m definitely excited for part 2 TORN!55


Great Book5 star

If you’re into dystopian novels, this is a great, quick read. I was hooked from the beginning! It’s also based on an actual study done in the 70’s which many believe show a bleak future for humanity. The author did a fantastic job of fleshing that type of future out, and I very much appreciated the writing style.55


So Good!5 star

Wish I had money to buy the next two books! 😂 Overall, 10/10 for keeping me on my toes!55


Completely Unhinged Leftist Propaganda2 star

Fantastic writing and characters until…20??. I was really digging it and then the “agenda” started to develop. Woke on a whole nother level. Completely stopped reading it at the whole white women need to breed bit. Just ludicrous. Covers the entire extreme leftist gambit ie. climate change, overpopulation, racism. I would have continued reading if the rolling out of the premise was anything new, but it wasn’t. Just tired, mind numbing trope. Don’t waste your time.25

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