Kaine's Sanction

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Dark terrors await on the frontier of spaceā€¦
Hayden Kaine, a brash young cadet, thinks his family's influence has guaranteed his destiny as a future leader of the Earth Confederation. But falling on the wrong side of an Admiral is never a good idea, and he soon finds himself posted to an outdated starship at the farthest reaches of the Confederation.
What at first appears to be a routine mission turns south when an unforeseen disaster traps Kaine and the crew of the Scimitarat the edge of charted space, with no means to return home.

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Great read4 star

I liked it45

Sin Loi

Questions5 star

Very good. Kept wondering what would happen next and what if they did something different.55


Kaine's Sanction Begins the Story5 star

Kaine is a spoiled, privileged Academy student, with a future already mapped and surveyed by his father. Kaine is to be his family's first President! But his casual relationships and father's meddling lead him to the Scimitar, an older ship with an eccentric Captain, going nowhere. The only unlikely part is the senior officers getting thrown into jail and missing the adventure! But that allowed Kaine to become the Executive Officer, embarking on an unplanned, unimaginable adventure that turns him into a "real" naval officer, complete with the self-sacrificing gene essential for every hero! I enjoyed the story and setting and am ready for the second installment!55

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