The Thunder of War

The Thunder of War Summary

The Thunder of War is the first book of a new military SF series, Thunder In The Heavens.

The Tyrell are a race that loves to fight, and they're very good at it. The harder they fight, the better they like it. Whenever they discover another intelligent race, they force them into combat whether they want it or not. When humans are warned of an inevitable confrontation with the Tyrell, they attempt to form a multi-species Alliance, but the challenges are great, and they know it's only a matter of time before a Tyrell fleet of massive ships will arrive in Earth orbit. Cate Harrow and Gort Eagleton are two Aerospace Force officers with the kind of strategic and tactical skills that the Alliance needs to win this war, but before they can even begin to defeat the Tyrell, they must survive the incompetent leadership that threatens complete disaster.

Defeating the Tyrell will be far more difficult than the Alliance initially believes unless they can discover their one weakness. This action-packed series has lots of space battles and political intrigues, as well as personal triumphs and tragedies.

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Was this author on meth?1 star

This was the first book out of hundreds that gave me a headache.15


SF of the future4 star

Great concept - a tale of a futuristic enemy and a war. Great read - kept my attention and the action was captivating!45


Great Story5 star

This should be aTV Show, story is way better than the new Star Treck shows55

ed 3.1624

The Thunder Of War4 star

Nicely done!45


Awesome5 star

Intellectual and detailed, nice shifting of perspectives to create a three dimensional story from a one dimensional medium!55

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