Wanderer's Escape

Wanderer's Escape Summary

The Empire will kill him for stealing this ship… but they have to catch it first!

To the Empire the Wanderer was just another booby-trapped ship to claim, and Jess was just another worthless slave who could be sacrificed in the process.

Things didn't go to plan.  Jess survived the dangers, and when he sat in the pilot's chair the ancient ship came to life for the first time in centuries.

Acting on instinct Jess seized the chance, firing up the engines and fleeing the Imperial forces.
Now Jess and the ancient self-aware ship are on the run, their freedom and their very existence on the line.

The smart thing to do would be to run like hell and never stop, but Jess finds he can't ignore pleas for help from those in danger.  With the powerful Wanderer at his command he can truly make a difference… but at what cost?

Get Wanderer's Escape now and see why tens of thousands of people have loved following the Wanderer's journey, leaving comments including "In the end, I was gripping the arms of my chair as I rooted for the heroes.", "A fast-paced, can't-put-it-down Sci-fi." and "One of the best books I've read this year."

Book Reviews


Maybe for first graders.1 star

Sorry but this or should have been written in crayon. Couldn’t bring myself to finish the last third of the book no matter how hard I tried. Simplistic to a fault. Just ugh.15


Wanderers escape4 star

Fast paced sci fi story with fun characters and interesting plot. Easy fun read45

Joshua Mc Q

This book reads like a teenager’s fantasy.1 star

If you want something mindless, with poor plot and character development, this one’s for you. I made it 15% of the way through. I should have stopped much sooner—that’s time I’ll never get back.15

Fuganewin Force

Good story, very young adult4 star

This was a pretty good book. The story is exciting and the action well written. The book appears to fit into a young adult category, and was a little to... tame for my tastes. I would, however, definitely recommend this book/ series to anyone whose tastes fall into that genre.45


Highly readable5 star

An action packed space opera with a ship based AI and a budding romance between 2 young former slaves. And it’s the first of a series.55

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