Well of Furies

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Amir Tarkos is one of the only humans in the Predator Corp, the most feared and respected military force in the Galaxy. The Predators seek to prevent and punish lifecrimes: violations against ecosystems. With his partner Bria, a bear-like carnivore, Tarkos is given a dangerous and difficult mission. Deep space probes have located the last surviving Ulltrians, a race that once waged a holy war to force competition among the ecosystems of known space, and as a result nearly extinguished much of the life in the Galaxy. Tarkos and Bria must locate the World Hammer, a pair of co-orbiting sunless planets that are the last refuge of the Ulltrians, and discover the Ulltrian plans for a second attack on the Galactic Alliance. 

To save Galactic civilization, Tarkos and Bria will have to work with a team of strange aliens and artificial intelligences, explore the perilous ruins of an ancient world, dare the depths of an ocean that engulfs a dark planet, and fight a fierce battle in the ice rings of a gas giant. 

Evolution Commandos: Well of Furies is a stand-alone novel, but it is also the first third of the trilogy Evolution Commandos. In addition, it forms part of the ongoing Predator Space Chronicles, which are told in novels and short stories. 

52,000 words 


Looking for an introduction to Tarkos, Bria, and Predator Space? Listen to EscapePod Episode 333! It's available for free at: 



Craig DeLancey has published dozens of short stories, in places like Analog, Nature Physics, Cosmos, Zahir, Aboriginal, and the Mississippi Review Online. His story "Julie Is Three" won the Analog Anlab readers choice award for short story in 2012. He is also a playwright, and his plays have received staged readings and performances in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, and elsewhere. His novel GODS OF EARTH is available now on 47North Press. 


Book Reviews


A philosophical space opera5 star

Like all good space operas, this book kept my attention from beginning to end. But unlike most space operas, this is not a thinly disguised military procedural or spy story. The author, also an instructor of philosophy, used his training to create an original and unique universe, then populate it with original life forms, including heroes and villains. If you like to think about the stories you read—really think—you’ll love this book, and probably await the rest of the series as eagerly as I do.55

ed 3.1624

Well of Furies4 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Excellent world-building, very interesting characters. One of the best space operas I’ve read in a long time. Ready for more!!45


Well of Furies4 star

Imaginative characters and plot45

Jeff hq

Well of Furies4 star

At first I was concerned that I couldn't get into the book because of all the details, but once I got used to the cadence I couldn't put the book down. A great story and I look forward to the sequels.45


Well of Furies4 star

Hard to put down, I am looking forward to the next book in the series45


Aliens that really seem alien.5 star

I’ve been reading Syfy for over 50 years. I found this novel wonderfully fresh and different. The aliens really struck me as different and not merely funny looking humans. I read it completely without stopping. I highly recommend it.55

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