100 Quotations to Make You Think!

100 Quotations to Make You Think! Summary

This is a collection of quotations by authors unknown. Some are serious, others are funny. And some are very insightful. It's a mixture of new and old quotations collected from various sources over the years. The booklet is aimed at someone who will enjoy finding their own meaning from the various insights shared by these unknown authors.

Book Reviews


Great Book!5 star

eye opener and definitely worth the read if you need some guiding into your life.55


The book speaks facts5 star

It has double meanings like, “if you can’t help worrying, then worrying can’t help you.” And that’s facts. Live life to the fullest, obstacles are meant to be overcame, and if that obstacle is death, then that’s fate. You can learn something from this 💯55


Amazing5 star

These quotes are spot on55

The wower of the world

It was very short, even though there was 100 quotations3 star

So, I am amazed that he put 100 quotations in just a few pages.35


Just OK2 star

A few quotes were profound but most were just eh!!25


Read me !!.3 star

For first time readers , if u looking for enlightenment then this not it .35

fat pat is fat

I feel bad for this author1 star

If u need this book, then i need to let u know that theres better stuff out there. None of this advice makes sense. Because this stuff sounds clever and rhymes, doesnt make this advice any good. Self help books are snake oil. Be careful and know that youre smarter than this advice. If you do enjoy this book and disagree with my opinion, than i suggest you lean into your demise and just join a cult. Itll move this process along faster for you as self help culture is a stones throw away from patty hearst.15

Miles Wasil

100 quotes… taken from the web.1 star

These quotes from supposed unknown authors are not really thought-provoking. You might even find them on the Internet somewhere. Many pages were taken up by words telling you about Wolfgang Riebe. Basically, given this book is free, you get what you pay for, which is nothing!15


Mediocre1 star

The best these get is the level of fortune cookie inserts. But with actual fortune cookies, you at least get a cookie! Anyone who has graduated from college is likely to find these true but uninspired.15


Great quotes5 star

There are some really great quotes in here55

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