Another 100 Quotes To Make You Think

Another 100 Quotes To Make You Think Summary

Once again, this is a collection of various quotations from unknown authors. Some serious, others funny, and some insightful. It's a mixture of something old and something new. As these are quotations only, the booklet is aimed at someone who will enjoy finding their own meaning from the various insights shared by these wise people.

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Great Quotes5 star

This was awesome to read...55


True4 star

So much is true. Attitude determines our altitude.45


Very good book4 star

It was a good book for pass the time reading.45


Quote 1141 star

Great advice about venom poisoning...if you want to die15


Awesome book!!5 star



Another 100 Quotes to Think About5 star

Keep them coming! My favorite-163.55

Ethan Gwak

sorry im rating for the5 star

i was deeply touched, inspired and motivated when i read his another book 'Discover your passion' cause iTunes hasnt got that book any longer anyway it was hilarious and so practical. on the other hand, it was too true and we happend to get touched and motivated by a simple thing what kids are aware of already. but that is the reality where we living in. we face the simple truth and ignore it as saying 'that's a good story but hell... this is reality. this place would be a better place to live if everybody's living like that but.... this is the reality' by the way, recently ive changed my phone which is not iDevice ;) so i can no longer have his book on my phone. so may i convert your book - EPUB format - to PDF and hold it on my new mobile? im not gonna use it as a commercial purpose ever;)55

Dan's iTunes01

Very Good5 star

Very insightful55


Thank you5 star

It's nice book 😉55


Great book5 star

I highlighted quite a few things I want to remember in the future...but it is a GREAT book!55

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