Become A Better Version of Yourself

Become A Better Version of Yourself Summary

This ebook contains golden nuggets on how to motivate, inspire and improve your current situation. It encompasses the holistic view of self improvement from mental& emotional wellbeing, career, health & fitness to love & relationship. 

Most importantly, you will learn to make small daily choices that will transform your life.
- Find your personal inspiration.
- Rediscover your motivation.
- Propel yourself out of an unfulfilling existence. 

Book Reviews


Honestly terrible1 star

The author sounds arrogant and put together like a man child. Maybe this is advice for only other man children but overall it’s a waste of space15


I will read again!5 star

very helpful & helped me get back on track with myself! If you are looking for ways to grown within yourself & grow your mind & many areas in your life.. this book is it!55


Poor Editing1 star

While reading through this book it’s hard to ignore the grammatical errors throughout the first few pages. It turned me off from the content of the book.15


Good4 star

I enjoyed the read this is coming from someone who doesn’t critique someone’s grammar... if you can’t stand grammatical errors then you may not like this book apparently.45


Good4 star

It’s a good book but some writing mistakes45


It’s okay2 star

Kind of all over the place. Reading the first 20 pages, I really appreciated the format of quick reads and 10 usefully tips. Then the tips became more vague afterward...telling you “what” to do instead of “how” to a mental change or action. Then the subjects became random and not very helpful. Nice try, but seems like someone’s home project and does not have expertise. Gave it a 2 stars because I think this book has potential.25

Capri R.

Definite Pick5 star

Love this book! Surprised it’s for free. So many gems and jewels that I can personally apply to myself!55


Typo after typo2 star

Wasn’t proofread before it was published. It makes reading a headache.25


Unintelligible2 star

Literally all of the text is regurgitated information from buzz feed articles25


Grammar!2 star

I love the purpose of this book but the intentions are fading away in the terrible grammar. I stopped at page 24 because I was spending more time fixing grammatical errors than actually reading.25

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