Brave Enough

Brave Enough Summary

Do you often feel discouraged to act upon your valuesbecause you fear rejection and judgment? You’re hesitant to try out new thingsout of fear of failure?

Did I hit the nail on the head? Don’t worry. This book will guide you through all the levels of fear, discouragement, and lack of confidence and helps you gain control over them.

Stand tall in every situation life throws in your way.

Time to learn how to overcome the feeling of inferiority and achieve success.Brave Enough takes you step by step through the process of understanding the nature of your fears, overcome limiting beliefs and gain confidence with the help of studies, personal stories and actionable exercises at the end of each chapter.

Say goodbye to fear of rejection and inferiority complex once and for all.

The only barrier between you and success can be this one thing: the courage to take those chances today what others plan on doing tomorrow.
•How to thrive in failure?
How to ditch your fear of missing out?
•The importance of doing something every day that scares you.
How to stop judging people and let go of judgment?
•How to have the courage to learn something new are let go of old, outdated knowledge?

Courage is more than a trait, is a life-changing power.

•How to make the first step when you debate starting something new?
How to be more confident?
•How to make the best decision when you meet a crossroad in life?
How to keep your ego in check?
•How to handle fear of loss?
Escape your fears and stop self-sabotaging. Know that living a full life doesn’t mean the absence of fear, but the will to take the risk and do it anyway. Turn your insecurities into action and see how your life is going to change into a daring adventure.

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