Dark Psychology and Manipulation

Dark Psychology and Manipulation Summary

Are you tired of having the wool pulled over your eyes?Do you feel that people are always taking advantage of you or your relationships are superficial and fake?Are you ready to stand against those who think they can manipulate and take advantage of you?
If you answered yes to any of the following statements, this book is for you.


Dark Psychology and Manipulation is a book that draws attention to the manipulating and persuasive behavior of those around us who choose to use them to further hidden motives.

From the workplace to your home, with your colleagues, friends, or family, we sometimes want to believe that those who care about us would never manipulate us. The sad reality is, sometimes, it is those who are closest that take advantage of the kind-hearted. In Dark Psychology and Manipulation, we discuss the techniques that make up the facet of dark psychology, including persuasion, manipulation, and coercion. As you read on, I explain methods of identifying deceit and manipulation, and I provide helpful techniques on how to protect yourself from further being a victim.

Once you have understood the many forms of dark psychology, I then detail how to turn things around to benefit you for the better.

I want to show you how you can use manipulation, persuasion, and coercion for good. I also discuss how you can turn the tables on the very people who thought they could take advantage of you.

What am I going to get out of this?

Your dignity, confidence, and peace of mind will never be forced to do anything you don't want. There are plenty of books on "how to" manipulate and be persuasive. Dark Psychology and Manipulation is different. It shares helpful pointers that will help create awareness with useful tools to manage someone who thinks they can manipulate or persuade you.

It is human nature to be easily swayed when we perceive something to benefit us. For example, we think if someone compliments and is drawn to us, we may feel important and valuable. What we don't see is the hidden motives of such behaviors and actions that come afterwards.

Inside the pages of Dark Psychology and Manipulation, I will cover techniques on protecting yourself from dark psychology and how to identify the art of dark psychology.

Learn about…
The mentality of a manipulatorPsychological Triad (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychotherapy)Emotional intelligencePersuasion and influenceTurning the tables on the manipulator to benefit youAnd much, much more!
Stop being the emotional, mental, and verbal punching bag of a manipulator. Don't let someone trick you into thinking they care, have your interest at heart, or know what's best for you.

Take a stand, and turn the tables on anyone seeking to cause you harm. I have created Dark Psychology and Manipulation as an easy to read guide to stop the negativity toxicity that comes from those who believe in manipulation, persuasion, and narcissism to get what they want.

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Book Reviews

Mama sad xar

m4 star



Dark Dull Dithering2 star

A great idea lies at the core of this book but it is repeated in the same way on every page.25


Very informative5 star

“Dark psychology” is not exact dark, rather a concept that explains certain human behavior. Each individual influences others or being influenced by others in certain ways. The difference between persuasion and manipulation is well explained in this book.55


Very informative5 star

Very easy to read and it keeps you wanting to keep reading it until the end.55


Perfect!5 star

Great book!55

great aoe

Dark Psychology and Manipulaton5 star

Very informative55


Life starter5 star

After you read it , you are born again , have fun while going to war55


I love it good information5 star

I really enjoy reading this book is very good and thank you so much for all your knowledge .55


Useful knowledge5 star

Very descriptive writing. I enjoyed it and also learned a tremendous amount of knowledge that was unknown to me until now.55


Must Read!5 star

Taught me a lot about what to look out for.55

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