How to Find Peace

How to Find Peace Summary

Shatter the Illusions and Discover the Truth

To 'know about' something is very different from KNOWING it. Perhaps you have some spiritual knowledge, but how often do you experience PEACE? CONTENTMENT? JOY? BLISS? ECSTASY? You've probably been searching for these higher states for some time now, but what has all your searching brought you? Are you still unsatisfied and unfulfilled? Is it really possible to find lasting peace of mind and happiness in this hectic world, or is it all just a fairy tale? 

I think you'll be relieved to discover that the TRUTH is right in front of you, just waiting to be realized. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT TO FEEL AT PEACE! It is available to you this very instant, however, you may have some blocks that need to be removed before you can come to KNOW Peace rather than just 'know about' Peace. This book is dedicated to helping you evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, by facilitating your understanding of basic (yet profoundly life-altering) spiritual concepts, thus allowing you to effortlessly transcend the obstacles on the path to peace of mind and happiness that lasts. 

Join me on the inside and let us take the journey together. May we both awaken to our true nature. May we never be the same again...

Book Reviews


Worth it !!!!5 star

Idk why this book is free but my god ! It was amazing none the less !55


Peace , be still5 star

Let go of the desire to be “right” & just be . Enjoy55


Thank you5 star

Your book gives me hope.55

jcan girl

Excellent5 star

You will truly feel some degree of being at peace when reading this.55


eye opening5 star

thank you.55


Very interesting book5 star

I just finished reading this book today over a period of time, and in the time that I have read this book I have learned to always thank the universe for things even if they may be small. I have learned to let go of judgment and to always be kind to people whenever I go out. I have learned giving strangers compliments is a great way to make someones day. I have also learned to find love inside of myself instead of trying to find it in others. I highly recommend reading if interested in finding your own inner peace.55

Smooth Gentleman

The Brighter side of life3 star

The message is self cleansing, mentally check yourself out are we thinking and acting that benefit our life. Do we really know what truth is or what are the things that make us happy. Are my battles internal or external love me first.35


Amazing5 star

Beau did it again. What a fantastic read. I would love to buy the physical copy of this book, however all my search attempts have proven fruitlessly. Thanks for another great book Mr. Norton!55


Mental Change!5 star

This was a real eye opener❤️55


thank you5 star

good stuff55

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