How to Start a Conversation with Anyone

How to Start a Conversation with Anyone Summary

Here's a question for you… Do your palms get sweaty, your knees weak, your arms heavy and your throat dry whenever there's an opportunity to strike up a conversation with a total stranger? Maybe it's not as grim as I painted it above, but if you ever find yourself hesitant to talk to a stranger, then chances are that you have a social anxiety disorder (SAD). For most people, the bathroom is not just where they lather up, it's also where they have all the perfect conversations they couldn't have with strangers they meet in their daily lives. You may think… they are just strangers; it's not like they are a huge part of my life. But remember what Rodney McKuen, a best-selling American poet, singer, and actor said? “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen” This is about more than just making friends. It's about making yourself happier, more connected to your communities, mentally sharper, less lonely, and more optimistic about life. Heck, it's about life itself. Smiling at strangers is great, lending them a helping hand is greater. But you know what's even better? Having life-changing conversations with them. Grab this book today and never second guess yourself again in front of a stranger.

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