Listening to the Light of Your Inner Spirit

Listening to the Light of Your Inner Spirit Summary

There is a beautiful connection that can be made with one's own inner spirit that links you to the universe and the divine in everything. Here are some tools to help you along the way.

Book Reviews


Amazing5 star

Great book55

Joshua Blue

Great Read!!5 star

Short and to the point.55


Can't stop reading this Book....5 star

I love this book.... It warms my soul to take a passage an meditate on the words.55


I hope I didn't pay for this2 star

I don't even know what to say other than I'm sure the title appealed to me, and I binge buy, so I hope this was either a freebie or a 99 cent book because it reads like it was written by a kid that had to provide a paper with a specific amount of words required for a passing grade. You know, so he just packs it with nonsense and redundancy. Yep, this is how it read. Pretty pictures earn a star, the formatting is good as well. Nice concept, poor execution.25


To be reread many times5 star

Great message. Comforting and enlightening.55

Baily Pain on the B

Beautiful5 star

Thank you for this heart inspiring book. I found it at one of my darkest moments and it helped me to remember that we are never alone.55

Pavan Gupta

Wonderful.5 star

It was a pleasure reading this book. It's an eye opener. Thanking and compassion are such great tools to lead a joyous life. Till now major of us no matter what caste or community we belonged too, looked for the address of god outside where as its now revealed That " HE " stays within all of us. It just requires our attention to be conscious enough to recognise.55


Wonderful4 star

Love these teachings45

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