Sex: Sex Positions That Will Change Your Life Forever

Sex: Sex Positions That Will Change Your Life Forever Summary

Is your sex life getting boring? Are you using the same old drab sex positions every time? Is your sex life not stimulating enough? If you are in the ‘yes’ to these questions bracket, you will be happy to know that this is not a new thing and most partners experience this all the time.
Even so, you cannot be content with the same old thing because if you comply to this, your sex life will eventually be, you guessed it, nonexistent. This sex guide provides an illustrated roadmap to bedroom adventures because if we are being truthful, it never hurts to learn new tricks.
As you may very well know (If you do not know, you can use your imagination), there are various categories of sexual positions. These include the following: Sitting positions, Kneeling positions, Man on top and woman on top positions, Tantric sex, Side by side sex position, Rear entry, Standing position, Anal sex positions, Oral sex positions, and Adventurous sex positions.
This book delves into many of these sex positions categories and guides you through experimenting with each category. Get cozy as the guide takes you through surefire sexual positions that upon practicing will leave you satisfied beyond imagination.

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Awesome5 star

Very useful55


Practical and straight to the point5 star

Great book for those who are discovering the art of sex55


Meh2 star

I give it two stars for effort, but honestly these are all I would assume basic postions, maybe thats just me because I've done them all mutiple times and watched porn numerous times. I'd recommend this book for a beginner not advanced.25


Learned new things from this book😁😁I love it4 star

Needs more positions🙃45


Holy Moly5 star

This was well written, and I loved that it came with pictures. The position names were spot on. And I appreciated that they added a variety of positions. I know it was man/woman, but the positions could be used for whatever combination of couples. Well done.55


Sex Position5 star

I think the book is great for learning new position.55


Wop dumb1 star

Wop dumb15


Love it!5 star

Very informative and easy to understand and keen to try them all out hehe55


Just google1 star



wop2 star


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