The Law of Attraction Workbook

The Law of Attraction Workbook Summary

The law of attraction is amongst the powerful laws which govern the universe. The law bases emphasis on the ability of an individual to attract things through total focus. The law of attraction has brought to light different ways one can achieve better things and also avoid bad things from happening. It also confirms the power of the imagination, our mental coordination, and mindfulness. With the law of attraction, we are made to understand that anything can come to life if only the mind can translate it. The use of this law to attract love, money and health have been made easy in this book. You will learn the practical applications for turning a simple thought into reality. You will stop chasing love, money, or wealth. Instead, those things will begin to locate you everywhere you go. Among the things you will learn: · Ways to attract women effortlessly · How to attract the right kind of man · How to attract money without working too hard · Boosting your quality of life through the law of attraction · Ways to attract healthy and genuine wellness · How to attract people that will elevate you · Improving your social status through the law of attraction Practically, people have achieved a lot without putting much physical effort just by applying the law of attraction to their daily choices and endeavors. This is your time to also take the chance!

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