The Self-Love Solution: A Simplified Guide for Overcoming Depression and Fulfilling Your Deepest Desires

The Self-Love Solution: A Simplified Guide for Overcoming Depression and Fulfilling Your Deepest Desires Summary

Self-love is the solution to ALL your problems. I’m not saying that is easy to love yourself fully and unconditionally. No, it is certainly not easy when we have lived most of our lives doing the exact opposite, but through some simple practices, we can begin to turn our lives around into a purely positive direction. We can, by taking baby steps in the direction of self-love, make self-love a habitual way of being. When self-love eventually becomes an automatic habit of ours, we will know what it’s like to live an effortless life.

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I can’t express my gratefulness.5 star

This is a very unexpected surprise. I needed to hear this after experiencing some setbacks which sadly affected my familial relationships. I knew it deep down that I was swallowing in negative emotions and just untangled from it right now. It’s all in the past. Thank you with all my heart for making see my new loveable self. I’m thankful to read this and finally felt understand. I desire to be wanted to be and to be understood from someone else, a lover, but I think I knew myself most.55


Very understanding5 star

This book will really heal you and it breaks down how to love you-self completely! As a young women I really needed to hear this!!55

Shadow luv 199955

Encouragement in such a short book!5 star

I cannot wait to implement these nuggets of wisdom.55


Love5 star



Thank you5 star

I found tears in my eyes as I’ve been dealing with things only I slow in my life and I’ve known that. But to hear/read someone else telling me TO STOP FEEDING MY MIND THE NEGATIVE and love myself more and become more kind to the things I allow to flow into my space it feels as if a weight has been lifted from my chest. One of the many things I aspire in life is to be successful and happy. And it all starts with self love. I’m learning so much on a daily basis it’s about sticking to it and I plan on looking back on this book anytime things get alittle challenging because it will always get better. Thank you for opening my mind and help improve my attitude in life because it’s truly what you make it🤍🦋55


Love it!!5 star



Must Read5 star

Simple & to the point many points most people dont think about when it comes to themselves! keeping in my library to continue to reread!55


truly art5 star

This has really helped me get through everything because the author was truthful and plain honest he told me what I needed to hear and I love how lowkey aggressive it was like motivating me to simply do better.55


Thank you5 star

I loved this book. Might be one of my favorites 💕55

Real Rado G

Good guide5 star

Short but sweet, great advice with an honest human to human connection.55

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