Time Is Money: A Simple System To Cure Procrastination Without Willpower, Become More Productive, Find Your Focus & Get More Done In Less Time!

Time Is Money: A Simple System To Cure Procrastination Without Willpower, Become More Productive, Find Your Focus & Get More Done In Less Time! Summary

Do you have a procrastination problem? Do you ever wonder whats “wrong” with you? Ever wonder why you just don’t seem to have the willpower needed to get things done?

In Time Is Money, you get a step-by-step system to accomplish your goals with the need of willpower. You’ll be able to have fun, build unstoppable motivation and even break lazy habits that are holding you back. You’ll learn how to develop habits correctly by following the “Three R’s”. 

What will you learn? Well here’s a preview…

• The 4 Reasons why you procrastinate and how to solve them
• How to increase your energy by creating habits that stick
• The 4 mistakes people make when setting goals
• How to increase your “focus muscle” and get more things done in less time
• What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
• How to overcome the fear of failure thats preventing you from making progress

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P.S. If you’re a procrastinator don’t delay this purchase. The information in this book will help you transform your life!

Book Reviews

Aneela J

Very good ! Short and to the point .5 star

Loved it. Short and to the point and you can easily get take away s to implement immediately!55


Good5 star

I loved it ❤️55


Great book!!5 star

For a free book this gives you so many tips to help you succeed!! Loved it!55


Very good5 star


Rinah Macharia

Incredible.5 star

This is such a beautifully written book. Everything was so straightforward and concise, I loved how you talked about getting things done and not feeling pressured about it, yet you can still complete so many things and feel like you’ve done so little. In a rewarding way, thank you so much and I look forward to reading more of your books.55


Good book4 star

The book is helpful45

canva got problems

Awesome5 star

It's a book that helps you understand yourself and to manage your time efficiently in simple ways. There are some grammar mistakes, but it doesn't makes it less interesting.55


Powerful and impacting5 star

Aiden Nolan put together a PowerPoint powerful and impactful book that covers a multitude of key points that helps in life and business. Most of Americans procrastinate and make excuses for their actions. The author helps define key points in these areas and give good advice on creating habits for building routines. Thanks for this, James W Jenkins55

Jason Welles

Pretty darn good3 star

Pretty well put together. Kind of repetitive and minor typos, but overall, very informative and motivating.35


Helpful5 star

Helpful information I will be applying to my daily life. Seeing changes in my ha it’s already55

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