Work of Art: The Craft of Creativity

Work of Art: The Craft of Creativity Summary

Creativity is real. We can all be creative. There’s no entry fee, no requirements, no external expectations, no limits. In this book, Hegarty takes apart the creative process and shows everyone how to take their ideas from inspiration to completion.

No, you probably haven’t heard of me. I’m not on TV. But my music has been - and on radio and in concert halls around the world. For almost 30 years I’ve worked with professional and student jazz musicians and composers to help them find ways to express the amazing ideas they have in their heads. This is about practical and realistic creativity, creativity that works within our own individual lives.

James Hegarty, a jazz pianist, producer, filmmaker, and college professor who has spent his life searching for the new. Thanks for checking out my book.

Comments from readers:

"I just read ten pages on identity and I am hooked :)"
"You inspire me and I know you will inspire others with this book."
"Honestly, I've never thought of myself as a particularly creative person, but I'm seeing that there are lots of different approaches to get the juices flowing."
"Your book is very cool. The writing style works so well with the content. A couple of ideas I really enjoyed…"

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