Billionaire Banker Box Set Books #1-3

Billionaire Banker Box Set Books #1-3 Summary

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, brings you a billionaire workplace romance that'll have you banking on love. The box set includes the first three books of the Billionaire Banker Series!

Book 1

Love like you're never counting the cost.

Ten years ago, Bethany Walker was the rich girl who had it all. But her world came crashing down when her father was arrested for stealing millions. Convinced he was framed, Bethany sets out to destroy the powerful Sterling family that ruined her father. She'll do whatever it takes in her quest for revenge—even seduce her greatest enemy.

Billionaire banker Kirk Sterling is instantly attracted to Bethany from the moment he meets her. When it comes to relationships he's usually the one in control, but Bethany has the power to bring has the power to bring him to his knees. After he discovers she's in dire financial straits, Kirk will do anything to play the hero to her damsel in distress.

Falling for him isn't an option, but Bethany starts to see that Kirk is nothing like she imagined. As she gets closer to him her plan for revenge is in danger, and so is her heart.

Book 2

Bethany Walker's identity isn't so secret anymore.

When the Sterling family discovered who she really was, she lost her chance at avenging her father. Worse, instead of getting revenge, she's fallen for Kirk Sterling, the billionaire banker she should have ruined. Now, all she wants is to make amends for breaking Kirk's heart.

After finding out that Bethany lied about her identity, Kirk Sterling is furious. He wants nothing to do with her, until a chance encounter makes him reassess everything he believes about her. Even though she's the daughter of his greatest enemy, Kirk finds himself giving in to temptation. Soon, he's sneaking around with her, and keeping their rekindled fling a secret from his ruthless family.

But the more they see each other, the closer they get to their secret fling being exposed. One wrong move could start the bitter feud between their families all over again.

Can Bethany and Kirk finally learn to trust each other, or will betrayal tear them apart?   

Book 3

Kirk Sterling hasn't seen Bethany Walker since the day he dumped her. 

He broke up with her to protect her from his powerful family, but he hasn't gotten over her. When Bethany shows up, desperate for his help, Kirk agrees, ready to resist her seductive charm.       

After her breakup with Kirk, Bethany Walker has kept her distance, working hard to move on from her heartache. But Bethany discovers that her estranged father is in danger, and Kirk is the only man she can turn to for help. Seeing Kirk again threatens to reignite the feud between their families, worst of all, endangers her battered heart.

Working together is the toughest challenge either of them has faced. As they uncover the secrets of the past and get closer to the shocking truth, danger lurks around every corner.  Will Kirk and Bethany rekindle their relationship or will the war between their families consume them both?    

Billionaire Banker Series:

Book 1 – Banking on Him

Book 2 – Price of Passion

Book 3 – Investing in Love

Book 4 – Knowing Your Worth

Book 5 – Treasured Forever

Book 6 - Banking on Christmas (Novella)

Book Reviews


Boring1 star

Took too long for story to develop. I didn’t get past Chapter 6!15


Loved it4 star

This series was everything, intrigue, excitement and romance!!!45


Not sure about5 star

Well written ,but repotted the introduction in each book 📚 and it’s a burb but☝️📖👵🏻finishes reading 📖 the three books 📚. I m not satisfied but at least those bundles are free Books 📚.Thanks because, the theme are show us the situations between the poorer and the richest people. Well manipulative with money 💰.Recommend55


Billiomaire Banker 3 box set4 star

Each was very good -hard to not keep reading45


Billionaire Banker4 star

Very interesting read! Lots of intrigue, anger, and lies. Love takes hold though.45


Interesting3 star

A good read but I don’t understand why after they do finally decide to become a couple they still sleep in separate rooms at hotels and at the mansion. Why she goes from daring to always scared he’ll leave. Just a few things I’d change that would make it better or that didn’t make sense35

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