Five Sci-Fi Short Stories

Five Sci-Fi Short Stories Summary

Henry Beam Piper’s book “Five Sci-Fi Short Stories“ is a collection of: The Answer, Temple Trouble, Flight From Tomorrow, Police Operation and Graveyard of Dreams. “The Answer” is about two nuclear scientists who have successfully made a very powerful weapon and are planning to drop it from space on un-expecting earthlings. The story is set in 1984, many years after a supposed nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union had ended. The stories "Temple Trouble" and "Police Operation" deal with alternate histories which is a theme that Piper is well known for".Temple Trouble" has a very interesting religious undertone which many readers will surely be curious about and in "Police Operation," he introduces Varken Vall, one of the best characters that Piper brought to life.

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Is this a joke?1 star

There is nothing in this.15


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Not even a book!!!!15

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Copyright info for an audiobook. No stories here.15

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Nothing There1 star

Just some notes about it being an audio recording but nothing there. Don't waste your time!15


Not a book.1 star

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