From the Earth to the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon Summary

From the Earth to the Moon is a humorous science fantasy story. It tells the story of three well-to-do members of a post-American Civil War gun club who build an enormous sky-facing columbiad and ride a spaceship fired from it to the moon.

Book Reviews


No Book Here, Keep Moving On1 star

6 pages, all title and copyright text. Nothing to see here. This should really be removed from the Apple Books library.15


Nothing to see1 star

All that I can see in the sample is acknowledging the translation and audio recording file list…15

smelly bogelly

Not book!!!1 star

Mad!! It not real!! Copy right of audiobook! What15

Austin wiseman

No book1 star

False advertising15


Don’t bother1 star

No words to read15


Not as expected.1 star

Only 6 pages15

Bruce _Waynger

Not the book1 star

It's some weird librivox text15


This wasn’t a book.1 star

What a scam. This wasn’t a book but a bunch of bs15


Not the book1 star

This isn't even the book. Why is this here?15


I thought it was the book1 star

So I got this thinking it was the original or at least a book is in it there is no book it just says that audio versions are available which I don't trust because it will probably say go to this link to get the book I would have given this no stars but that's not a rating sadly15

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